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Everything you need to know about StreetScooters

    StreetScooters emit neither carbon emissions nor local air pollutants.

    The company is currently the market leader with more than 12,000 vehicles in daily use and has a track record of over 100 million kilometers driven and 36,000 tons of CO2 savings.
    They are quiet, which means a marked reduction in noise pollution

    Independence from fossil fuels makes the use of electric vehicles a pioneering and economically attractive investment.

    Electric vehicles are particularly suitable for trips involving lots of stop-start traffic.

    The StreetScooter has to cope with up to 300 stops and starts for mail and parcel deliveries per day, and is on the road as many as 300 days a year.

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    “StreetScooter is a well-known ‘early bird’ in the electric light commercial vehicle sector,” -StreetScooter GmbH CEO Jörg Sommer

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